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The Importance of Scaling

Proper brushing and gargling after every meal is always beneficial as it removes various food particles from our oral cavity.

But, we always forget about the hard substances which get stuck in between our teeth, on our teeth and especially on the inner side of the teeth.

These hard substances are referred to as calculus and it can only be removed with the help of Scaler (Teeth Cleaning device).

Teeth cleaning, which is referred to as scaling, improves your general health too, and not just your oral health.

You might feel that your teeth are healthy enough with no cavities in it, but let me tell you that there will always be a need of teeth cleaning, as our teeth goes through all sorts of food. Plaque and tartar formation worsens your oral condition.

 After going through the following advantages, you will surely feel the need of getting an appointment for scaling.

  • Scaling has the capability to deep cleanse your teeth.
  • It makes your gums healthy and thus, reduces the possibility of pyorrhea. (gum disorder)
  • You can also prevent mobility of tooth by regular scaling.
  • If you have bad breath problem, then you must definitely get a teeth cleaning procedure done as it surely prevents bad breath.
  • It has a better improving effect on your diabetes and heart problems too.

Precaution is better than cure

Every tooth problem/disorder starts

when you don’t keep your oral hygiene intact!

That leads to many more treatments and larger payments compared to scaling and it’s treatment charge.

There are so many myths that mislead our community!

  • Majority of the people think that scaling or deep scaling will damage your teeth. But the fact is the scaler tip which is used during this procedure is not even that capable that it can damage your teeth.
  • It does not have the capability to loosen your teeth. Instead, it increases the life efficiency of your teeth and keeps you away from all the major tooth disorders.

That one scaling appointment you will schedule with your dentist, will change your oral hygiene completely, preventing all the major, costly treatments.